Practical seminar "250 days GDPR"

High attendance at the OPPENLÄNDER practical seminar on the GDPR: Around 130 participants gathered in the L-Bank Rotunda on 5 February 2019 to exchange experiences of the first 250 days with the General Data Protection Regulation and to discuss with the OPPENLÄNDER data protection team solution approaches based on the advisory practice. In parallel with the announcement of the Federal State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Stefan Brink, on the day before the seminar, after which 2019 will be the “year of controls”, the participants agreed that the implementation of the provisions of the GDPR is generally not completed yet and that the companies continue to face great challenges. Following a review of the first eight months with the GDPR and a presentation of the positive and negative effects of the new data protection law for companies and the public sector, the seminar focused on three topics, which from a consultant’s point of view will be highly relevant in 2019:

- the distinction between processors and joint controllers, especially regarding the ECJ decision on Facebook fan pages,

- the implementation of data protection impact assessments as well as

- the correct handling of information and erasure requests.

In the ensuing panel discussion, thanks to the vivid participation of the audience, further interesting subjects were raised, including: data transfer in international companies, the requirements for encrypted sending of e-mails and the opportunities and risks of private enforcement in data protection law. After the official part, there was the possibility to continue discussions with food and drinks.

Due to the great popularity and feedback, a succeeding event is envisaged for the end of the year.