Success at the Constitutional Court

Mr. Rottmann (AfD) called Mr. Sckerl (Grüne) an "anti-Semite" during a session. For this statement, the deputy president of the state parliament Kurtz (CDU) issued a call to order. The Constitutional Court confirmed the constitutionality of the call to order.

It found that the designation of a person as an "anti-Semite" has a strongly pejorative and dishonorable meaning, especially in the political sphere. It is true that this is an expression of opinion. However, this can only be covered by the parliamentary right to speak if the accusation is placed in a comprehensible factual context. That was not the case here, even though the session of the Landtag was about religious communities in Baden-Württemberg and Mr. Sckerl had made accusations against the AfD in this context.

OPPENLÄNDER attorneys Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz and Dr. Jens Ritter represented the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg and its president, Ms. Muhterem Aras.

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