Corporate Law

Our Corporate Practice ranges from Corporate Housekeeping through expert reports on complex corporate law issues to highly specialised transaction and financing advice in all important areas. Our clients include major listed and medium-sized companies as well as family companies, subsidiaries and insolvency administrators. We work in restructuring law as well as in securities or liability of directors and managers. We have also over many years built up capacity to handle disputes between shareholders.

Transformation and Restructuring

We apply an inter-disciplinary approach to the development of transaction structures, divisions or spin-offs.

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Crises and Restructuring

In crises, we identify restructuring and financing options, in case of insolvency, our corporate team includes insolvency law experts.

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Our financing and re-financing know-how caters for all instruments and for companies of all sizes.

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Corporate and Group Law

Our comprehensive corporate and group law advice focuses on the preparation for and support during general meetings of listed and non-listed companies.

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Shareholder Disputes

In disputes between shareholders, we enforce our client‘s interests in and out of court effectively and with long standing experience.

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Trade and Distribution Law

Drafting contracts for businesses relations both with suppliers and customers is central to commercial practice and is, of course, also an element in our “Corporate Housekeeping“.

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Business Succession

The issue of succession is always present in medium-sized companies because a successful business looks beyond the horizon of the founder’s life’s work.

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Liability of Board Members and Managing Directors

We are equally experienced in both enforcing and defending liability claims against office holders.

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