Public Law

Our law firm is known for its wide range of expertise in public law. We cover not only an unusually wide range of issues in administrative law but also offer outstanding capability in such specialised areas as constitutional law and European law as well as in public law procedure and litigation.

Environmental and planning law are central in the course of advising the regulated industries and public sector enterprises.


We act for manufacturers, distributors and facilities producing renewable energy in plant and product-related environmental law.

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Construction and Planning Law

We represent project developers and the public sector in major industrial developments and expansion projects. We have extensive experience in planning proceedings involving energy, waterways, railway and aviation law.

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Regulated Industries

We have systematically developed public law know-how in order to support important regulated industries – energy, health, media, transport, water utilities and the finance market.

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The Public Sector and its Enterprises

We advise the public sector and its enterprises comprehensively on mergers, cooperations, privatisations and recommunalisation projects.

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Constitution Law

Our constitution law work for companies, associations, political figures and the public sector is recognised nationwide.

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European Law

We represent our clients before the European Commission and in European law proceedings before the European Court of Justice.

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Human Rights Complaints

We are one of the few law firms representing clients in enforcing commercial and procedural positions before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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The Law of Politics

Based on many years experience and successful work for governments, ministers, parliamentary representatives, parliamentary parties and political parties, we are familiar with the law of politics.

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Data Protection

We advise companies of all industries on legally secure storage of data of third parties, customers and employees.

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Food Law

We assist companies in structuring the intricate legal network for the manufacture and marketing of food appropriate to the interests involved.

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