Regulated Industries

By acting for the regulated industries, we have built up a systematic public law know-how which only few law firms can equal in its concentration and specialisation. This concerns the traditional OPPENLÄNDER industries of energy, health and media and the transport sector as well as areas such as the financial markets, water supply and gambling market.

In the transport sector we have advised transport companies, transport associations and principals for many years for example on financing and subventions, on the award of public service contracts and commissions, on obtaining, defending and bundling licenses and questions of admissible license fees.

In the area of energy, we advise the participants in licensing proceedings for energy plants, the extension and operation of networks, renewable energy, communal solutions, rights of way and concessions.

In the finance sector, we advise on the KWG (the Banking Act), on savings bank law and on defence against legislative burdens, for example the banking levy.

In the area of water supply, we advise on organisational questions, for example for major supply companies, on the control of water prices and the defence against intervention in water extraction rights.

In the betting sector, we act for the providers and assist in the appropriate design of the states treaty framework and the conduct of business within the possibilities protected by European and constitutional law.

In the health industry, we advise on the constitutionality and conformity of new statutes with European law, for example in the area of AMG (Drugs Act) and represent service providers in disputes with the relevant authorities and social insurers before the administrative and social courts.

We advise media companies on the regulatory environment under the state treaty and European law and represent them vis-à-vis state media institutions and in litigation.