Issues of environmental law continue to grow in significance both for production facilities and products.

In environmental law on production facilities emphasis is on emission protection law licensing procedures, particularly for production plants and energy generation. Natural protection (Flora Fauna Directive) and the EU emissions trading are not only increasingly important in this respect, the energy conversion now initiated can only succeed with new wind farms and solar parks, biomass power stations, geothermic plants and hydroelectric power plants. This also requires the legal provision of storage facilities (e.g. pump storage power stations or CO2 storage facilities). The sins of the past are reflected in soil protection law in which we work for example on legal questions of the removal of the largest historical contamination in Baden-Württemberg. Environmental law on facilities is also an important part of our advisory practice with cases mainly concerning water law, waste disposal, and recycling.

We have also built up in-depth in product related environmental protection. We advise both production and distribution companies on the battery law and electrical and electronic law in order to ensure environmental friendly disposal. This involves wide-ranging registration, notification, marking and reporting obligations, but also the defence against exaggerated official regulation. We advise comprehensively thereon as well as on the registration, exploitation and approval of chemicals (REACH), the classification, marking and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP) and on product safety law.