Corporate Finance

Groups, major companies, medium-sized businesses and finance providers benefit from an Oppenländer Rechtsanwälte team experienced in equity and debt financing with particular emphasis on structured debt financing.

We advise banks in their lending business. We work „on the case“ and also as advisors for specific legal questions in credit transactions.

As the case demands, we work closely together with our corporate specialists and our clients’ internal and external financing experts. If necessary we are glad to provide contact to external financial consultants whom we trust based on long established cooperated.

Debt financing

We act for our clients in debt capital procurement from A to Z.

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The financing situation of a company may often have developed over decades. Restructuring is both a commercial and legal challenge.

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Advice of banks and savings banks

We advise banks and saving banks in stocks and shares, referring the case as well as abstract questions of law in the area of financing.

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Representing interests in financing issues

We advise companies and lenders on the performance of loan agreements and enforce the interests of our clients when necessary.

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Shareholder Loans

Shareholder loans are increasingly employed as financing instruments. Important special considerations apply, however.

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Equity Capital Measures

When equity capital measures are involved, our full service approach ensures close cooperation with our corporate experts.

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